SRV Number One Location

Fender® American Vintage SRV Strat LH Gold Bridge Assembly~0038959000~Brand New. Electricguitarparts is a Fender and FMIC susidiaries authorized .

Your thinking of his other guitar “Lenny”. He used the guitar for the Star Spangled Banner at the Houston Astrodome before an Astros game. His wife happened to be sitting c side of Mickey Mantle when SRV then met his wife, he had Mickey Mantle autograph the guitar.Who ever think that is the real No. 1, has no idea that they seek not to live in soooo much ways.That his brother Jimmy in some pictures. I remember watching an official video of this when it happened. Believe me, it was the true number one. They met in SRV Number One Location for the night as the guitar could be moved back without anyone noticing and therefore drawing no attention to security reasons.

you delay, why Fender have Number One Jimmie Vaughan has almost all the fender srv stratocaster jazz guitars of Stevie now, except as Lenny. You are a dipshit.That is the result of wild strumming, the choice scratched the paint and dirt, revealing the clean underneath.I totally agree with you wood, but the fact that the guy works for Fender .. why would it does all this with a SRV model making and other measures thats what I do understand.It is not the real guitar, just accept it. Fender recorded and published the documentation DVD of him with the guitar.

Lenny was played on the guitar he named after his wife “Lenny”, which was the guitar she bought for him on his birthday, it was not white, it was an old sunburst design that had disappeared over time so that you can ‘t say it just looks red. It was, for the most part, the only time he has ever played Lenny was for his song Lenny.he divorced her at the time of his death to do your homework. Thought the same thing, they do not show the back very well, but I do not see signing when they made show.Kinda funny that the document Number 1 , but they allow you to hear Lenny . 

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