SRV Number One Neck Date

SRV tone by wujek_wladek (Fender Stratocaster + Zoom G9.2tt + USB). Posted 1 year ago1 year. Like Repost Add to playlist. Share. 60 plays60.

In fact, I want to play this song in standard tuning, no half-step down. I just think that It sounds better, and still very close to the record. I play the same chords as well. It would have been a nightmare to try to teach the songs solo in this SRV Number One Neck Date guitar. I do not know if I play the same law, but I kind of catch me in the same context as the song is. Similar sounds, atleast! How can you put all your fingers this way it !!!! I mean the first chords of this siece. jeeez!! man, I think you should show us some of your finger exercises.

Certainly agree with the previous comments, keep this stuff coming marty, making simple tunes is good, but mix it up from time to time with a classy, blues, old school like this melody such a privilege to be taught.this is the shit you need to do more of these and less unnecessary pop songs xDD Just kidding, nothing against pop, I prefer this kind of shit;) Congratulations for fender srv stratocaster electric guitars I just tell me that I wanted to learn and Lenny! then BAM !!!! Marty comes through again..thanks time man!

It sounds like you have pressed it Marty, disappointed u. His constructive criticism, we all know that you can play, maybe just have not taken the time to know it. Before the start of the enemy, I am a fan of Marty and spent money on many of its DVD subscriptions to its hot rod deville site.blues with shades halfway, which is really. usa standard strat nothing fancy.i learned this a few months ago. but Hendrix, SRV, Bonamassa, Clapton, SHT sum projection Jonny Lang n it. Double stopping the really bluesy SHT is awesome. u easier for ppl to learn, gota love you for it. 

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