SRV Number One Pics

“1998 Fender Srv Stratocaster” – play, listen and download free at Youtube Mp3. Download 1998 Fender Srv Stratocaster mp3 just click button Play.

Just my .02 but every photo / video I’ve never seen him play with Stevie Number One, he always had a pickguard 11 holes. Where the SRV Number One Pics guitar in this video is a clear one ply 8 hole pickguard (the same as the signature model Fender SRV) I wish the video was clearer that we might be able to locate the serial number plate Neck Number One (93702). I think each of us to comment and argue about the detail of this guitar is a testiment to the fa A huge impact Stevie had on all our lives. RIP SRV! Proves that looks are not always a guitar. This thing is beat to shit, and ifnot battle marked the history would probably go to the shop custom Fender for major repairs.

Stevie would never sent. He did not even want the neck replaced. Looks are not everything # guitar as well N Mickeys why not signing on No. 1 as it really is, I saw an interview with Stevie n he had the # 1 w pic showed him to play him tha national anthem on a slide but it was their play on the No. 1 n he had no other nethin for Mickey to sign if he signed the return of # 1 NOT LENNY fuck Fender could not even right.Number Should you belong to a museum for all to see and expreience. This is the only place that would d be allowed to buy and only if the money from the sale went to the favorite charity of Stevie.

The only one who knows who is sure, about Jimmy.This is Number One video Fender Custom Shop builders studying every scratch and dent replicare # 1 to the best of their ability.Ive saw two and they look fake. I built myself that looks better.I used old letters truck stop, no script letters that were placed on the fender srv stratocaster knob guitar in front of a Tonight Show appearance, Gibson bass frets and also have the most pickups.I thick gauge strings I could find and they are threaded through tubes of wire on the deck. 

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