SRV Number One Pictures


It is a guitar that was developed by Fender and SRV shortly before his death, and …. Fender Stevie Ray Vaughan Stratocaster Srv Strat Guitar.

Hate to break it to you, but the song you put on here, “Lenny” has never played on Stevie Number One. It was played on Lenny Strat. Guitars.that are different is the first thing I thought when I looked too. Poor choice of song.The neck is maple and Brazilian Rosewood.this is the real key is, people. Mike Eldred Fender custom shop is in the vid.This is not the original srv number one pictures. Any monkey with a replica and a camera can eat your fucking time – what an idiot Lenny height !. and is the number 1. to have ..

IN-SANE to hold and shoot a piece of history as A! What an honor! This version of “Lenny” remember when I bought the CD, took a bus to a local music store in Boise, ID to buy fender srv stratocaster number guitar and he was so happy to hear I went to a store stereo near my house and prayed until they put the “Lenny” on a Pioneer system which was one of the storage systems to scale. The sales guy and I smiled, reveling in the art of SRV Channel! Hollywood needs to wake up and make a film about the life and times of SRV. How it all began, how he got all his guitars, all behind the scenes stuff while Jimmy is still there to set the record straight.

They did for Buddy Holly, but I think theres a lot more Blues players and fans of blues and he is old rock and roll time theses days.I’m curious about signing Mickey mantle missing too in the other video “Stevie Ray Vaughan 1985 Lifetime TV Show Canada SRV Interview”, you can clearly see in five minutes is certainly not the el Mocambo version as the outside for starters.NUMBER we are in the vo you JIMI VAUGHAN HIS PEOPLE OF THE HOUSE !!! Jimi leave to inspect Fender replicas, not to mention could not afford this guitar … person. I LOVE this guitar though!

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