SRV Number One Price

Vaughan’s main guitar was a beat up Fender 1963 Stratocaster … The body has the initials `SRV’ on the lower part of the scratchplate.

He split the doll on the neck of origin. It was repaired and continued to use it. Later, the neck was refretted so many times that it would not take more frets. So they put the tape on her neck. Then the neck tape broke and he prayed for the old neck, but he was shot. if technology has ordered a replica of the original sleeve and played this neck until his death, he died after technology made the handle original back on it and presented it to his family. From what I’ve heard. The SRV Number One Price  neck was nr 1 on the majority of his career could hardly take another re-check, so they put tape on the neck nr1. Then a piece of stage equipment fell on her and broke the neck of scotch.

From the moment they put together the original nr1 neck and was played until his death. Of course, I’m not quite s R, but thats what I heard. In addition, u can see the cig. marks on the neck, the neck of which nr1 had.Hmmm interesting origin. Why the famous “Number One” Stratocaster one bedroom h Such instead of from the wing store documents Fender Hmmmm …. And frets too low or shallow air. Stevie favored Dunlop 6100 jumbo frets that are great and wide.not the real thing, believe me I have done years of research on this guitar, it is in possession of Jimmy Vaughan broke in two and is unplayable.

You guys all need to stop wondering. He is the real deal. Jimmy let Mike Eldred of the custom shop wing have the guitar in a room h As Austin for a period of 24 hours as to measure, take pictures and video to make the clones.why 100 are listening to us play a Lenny video on his number one, everyone knows he played his guitar called “Lenny” for track.Well if you’re familiar with René Martinez you should also be aware that Mickey Mantle signature is on Lenny not a number. 

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