SRV Number One Radius

Fender® ’57 Strat® Pickguard, Gold Anodized Aluminum. 8-hole, gold anodized aluminum pickguard. Fits: ’57 American Vintage, SRV.

It is a kind of haunting, as his SRV Number One Radius guitar was buried with Stevie, it doesnt look right without his owner.Funny thing! was distracted watching the video while listening to this fantastic guitar playing.He pretty well lol. he stood on the guitar, he bit, and fell so many times. I’m even surprised how many chips he haha. just watch some of his live video and youll understand.Actually these tuners would be right, because just before his death when # 1 began to have neck problems & amp; Col has been activated. He got Fender “Elite” The gold tuners.

After his death no one got back on his terrible neck. You can say its the real deal because the handle is so thin. Fender no way to produce the replica be defective.actually what happened was the original number on a stevie neck was too refret jobs, so they have to exchange on the neck with a red. after the red neck was broken, they put the original on.Is this really the number one back neck Many of them seem different pictures that I seen.In the beginning of the song “Lenny” was played at Carnegie Hall on his guitar Lenny’s not No. 1. Just thought it was weird .. .

A video about the first woman but listening to a song played on another. I’m also a big nerd.i read an interview with Rene Martinez (Stevie guitar guy) who SRV Died after he put the original neck back on the number one, I guess they had withdrawn it..he given Jimmie, he said that the neck had more “meat on it” to replace the frets more recently refretted it too many times already, they were replaced by the neck wich “Red” was broken on the scene an accident. thats probably why he seems so focused dr out.The thing is it he did not even use number one when he played this song … he played the guitar “Lenny” to play “Lenny”. 

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