SRV Number One Replica

2001 Fender Stevie Ray Vaughan Stratocaster – 3-Color Sunburst … The special SRV features are immediately recognizable by any fan of Stevie’s music.

Big Brother job … how did you e stained bare wood Very good job. I also wanted to know how you get that wood color. how did you remove the polyurethane extraordinary work! I’m quite a fan of the SRV Number One Replica guitars, and in the beginning of my own project. How did you details at 01:20 and what have you done withe the natural wood before and after pictures Did you use some kind of wood oil It wold be more useful! Inch form to Norway! Losing shit Squier trem block zinc for a full steel correct size. How did you do these stripes 1:18 ET what did you do at 1:45 did you spot .Im in the middle of a makeover ball and want some simmlar aging on the body, only a little lighter.

It has golden bridge on his guitar. I guess everyone has it’s own opinion … But for your information, I built this guitar for my father who prostate / bone cancer and is a big fan of Stevie … It obviously can not play more because of OD chemo … so at the end of the day … what better gift to give one of these to dream a little: o) For some people, living a lie as you call it is just priceless. My favorite is a solid body LP style guitar I made my self .I have a custom Strat and Tele 74 Tele .The has worn, the neck is used as the body has some marks on it, but nowhere about the state of the SRV or Rory Gallagher guitar for this issue more recent there is hardly a mark on it.

The Strat I have hanging on the wall instead of tucked away in a case under the bed .Everyone on their own but I still get a guitar “relic’ed” .well Now everyone knows that your father is hollow and you have made him a guitar SRV replica .How touching and what a good job too. .What I’m saying is those who go out and buy or make a guitar that looks like it is only 20/30 years are wrong. Come on be realistic .Your at a concert and bring out a guitar that seems to have been done in the 50s or 60s .are you going to tell everyone that he is a fake NO your Lord Jock, you’re a fuckwit -. If you do not like the guitar why did you watch the video Go troll somewhere else.

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