SRV Number One Sale

espeedy_g1 You can’t play in Eb without playing some #SRV! … #Fender#Stratocaster#cover#jazz#chords 3d. jakethemodelmartel Aja dude.

The letters were renovated shortly before his death, believe me this is the real thing, especially seeing that jimmi is in this vid. this guitar is definitely not # 1. Every time I listen to this recording, I am so pissed against donkeys cheering during the quiet parts. shut the fuck up indeed.Where hell did you find the instrument people.This real thing was once said to have been buried with Vaughan in Dallas. And it was also said that he was sold to the head of the Guitar Center. But both are not true.

The brother eldest Vaughan said this guitar is now in a bank vault somewhere in Austin, Texas and has only been seen a few times since Vaughan death. But I know this is not the No. 1 even if it says it is. The SRV Number One Sale guitar  is one of the 100 replicas silent as to copy the Fender Custom guitars as a. If they are already damaged, so if you do even more damage to him, he’ll just end up breaking one day. And be unique Im a crazy nut guitar, but I’d never buy a copy, it is just for losers who want to be like the pros. But fenders, rock on.

That’s the real No. 1. It was Jimmie Vaughn bring to Fender so they can spec for the correct repo. This vid makes me feel sad for the fender srv stratocaster kids guitar. All the stories he could tell, all the music he did, now he sleeps. A bit like a dog after he is moping master’s programs. Shame to think he will never play the same again.I think wing destroyed guitar SRV replica .. with the relicing on the replica suck ass !!! RIP SRV! I guess it’s a more Superreverb a Vibroverb. The funniest is that if the Lenny, the song played, not played on the guitar above but on “Lenny” guitar maple strangled! 

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