SRV Number One Stratocaster

1992 Fender Stratocaster SRV Part1 (low gain). Which brand of guitar is best for rock music? Fender or Gibson?

He did not use a MXR Dyna Comp compress, he used his tuberscreamer TS9 and a Vox wah, from time to time and face Univibe and Dallas arbiter fuzz, but he never used a pickguard MXR.63 or later. SRV used a pickguard 63 or later not 62 as some people think.The SRV Number One Stratocaster¬†pickguard used is not a BBB BWB pg 63. Every picture I’ve seen is # 1 w / 63 p. 58-62 pg has another screw hole to the puppy mi. Script, tuners have changed around 89-90.not white it was the one he called Lenny was given to him by his then wife lenora, it was sort of brownish red color mosaic that with a strange under the bridge Autographed Micky fireplace.

It is true, the strat you speak was a gift from hsi wife for.its for which the song was written character got …… but not functionality is just to good a copy ct bad if you see I mean.but I’m not 100% until Jimmie told her no, because the guy in the video works for Fender. I have sent him a msg on twitter to see if he can confirm .. the guy in the video.dam, I just watched this video. Now I see how someone can spoil their fender srv stratocaster logo¬†guitar bad.thx Stefan, I am aware of that. my previous comment was a response to chrisgralnic ranting without reserve.

But thank you anyway. cheers thilo.Good lucky man. I tried it and sometimes I can get close but it does not happen often. Part of what he used to get his “Tone King” as he called it was a variac to the amp, 12-56 strings tuned down 1/2 step, and a wooden guitar as old as ‘Noah’s ark. He wrote the song “Lenny” on his red Strat and “Riviera Paradise”, a similar song, I think its caramel Strat that had the pickup cavity built for HBs by the previous owner before he got it. The guitar sounds like a guitar bell.this is not his brother Jimmy Vaughan reality.

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