SRV Number One Template

2002 Fender Stratocaster SRV Sunburst Solid Body Electric – Available at 2011 July 15-16 Oaks, PA Signature Vintage Guitars & Instruments Auction #7044.

Look SRV playing third stone from the sun, and see how this SRV Number One Template guitar got the markings. He stood over the body and riding neck. It’s amazing how much damage can take a guitar and still great. Tech.It good guitar is the real number! also, the original handle was broken in two when the stage lighting fell on him, he was replaced by his other og necks first, but the original was fixed and put back on after Stevie died, if this is the original sleeve too! I thought Stevie was buried with number one. What guitar was it

Correct me if I’m wrong … there is only one problem with this short video. “Lenny” if I’m not mistaken was played on his Strat # 2 is not it White What is this song Its totally increasingly on me.i could be wrong, but I do not think the original neck was Pao Ferro. I do however know the remakes of this guitar (or signature model) have been made with her by Stevie demand for the best type of wood. thats good that I’ll have to look again.I love the irony of the fa on which a song of their choice for this video has been played on a guitar.

The fender srv stratocaster lipstick was the real # 1 Jimmie would not leave unattended with anyone. It is enclosed as I type this in a box with a lot of business because of several attempted theft. Shop Custom Builders taken apart before Jimmie and took measurements and 100 photo. In fact, some of his merchandise was stolen a few years ago in a storage unit and some have recovered and some na! (Especially not jimmies stuff # 1 or something A) It was a secret meeting for security reasons!  

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