SRV Number One Weight

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The brother of Stevie, Jimmy, he locked in a bank somewhere in Austin, Texas. Once I heard about an interview. I know almost everything about this guitar.lenora took note of this situation and got friends Stevie smart to buy for his birthday. upon acceptance, stevie instinctively named Lenny, and that night he wrote and played the great r of the same name her.I think it is a bit of an optical illusion because the angle extreme.if is that is not the real one, its a damn good replica. Also, the choice of inappropriate song. number one has never been used to play Lenny.

It was a spot on the show tonight and they showed him the SRV Number One Weight guitar. He liked the style of the letters and those he wore off. So they got some made for him and he put them. Sorry, I can not remember which book / magazine I read this. It was fool many years … you put a song SRV recorded with another guitar in a video tribute to another thing I admire guitar.The probably about SRV is that no matter how long it would hang on a solo, he never repetitive, his solos always kept you interested, amazed and wanting to hear more. The man has never played the least bit boring!

If I remember correctly, the neck is a ’59 rosewood “slab board” (no skunk stripe on the back) and the body is a ’61 -63. If you see the back of the  fender srv stratocaster measurements body, you can see three distinct Tone Burst (common models of the early 60s). Hard to tell from the front, because most of the finish is worn. Check out the photo of Byron Barr Stevie playing behind his neck. You can see the 3 tone burst. The neck on this guitar was broken shortly before the death of Stevie. It was grafted back together.This kind of video gives me goosebumps .. It is like an autopsy .. I feel queazy .. Or maybe my head is. 

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