SRV Number One Wiki

FENDER SRV Stratocaster … and there)- 1992 Lfty SRV Tremelo Callaham Steel trem block – USA Handwound Florance Voodoo .

The SRV Number One Wiki  is the real number one, they will take from eachother in a room h As Texas, and as regards the pickguard Stevie changed the pickguard a couple of months before his death and Thi is the one you can see the use of this pickguard in a video posted by the user perndave video is called Stevie Ray Vaughan – House Is Rockin ‘. check the video that true id give it for 5 minutes with the real one.Does anyone know what year Strat Stevie is I have a 79 I bought new when I was 15, I think its oldest. 10 I would give mine for her! S.R.V. was, and still is the man!

If it is “number 1”, it should be put in a glass case in the living rock and roll glory or the house of Jimmy, his should never be played again, this fender srv stratocaster metal guitar is one of only pieces that remain of stevie, not for someone else to play.his was a 59 with stock pickups and a neck 61 according to the book I have on him.Why they met in a cheap motel to check this guitar Its in the hands of his family. Its locked in a bank vault with all other you can buy an exact replica of 60 great i hope you realize i did business these.stevie played his guitar in a way that, obviously, beat the guitar. therefore, stickers landings. Stories

I read him looking around for a new truck stop. the letters were never same.anyone other than me noticed that isnt correct SRV pickguard on his bad style letters and the wrong type of adhesive it is not this silver thing look a picture of him and I read that Stevie had neck exchanged in the late eighties because it was on his death and after his neck was handed over on guitar and was returned to the family never said anything to change the SRV stickers do not know if this is the true number one. The song is “Lenny”, ironically not registered with number 1, but the guitar Lenny. 

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