SRV Guitar On Display Sale

Serial Number: US14060162 … True to Fender Form, the Stevie Ray Vaughan Strat starts with an Adler body that most Fender fans will find comfortable.

It is very clean, even if still has the protective plastic on metal.The SRV Guitar On Display is certainly a fantastic guitar with great looks and superior tone.This guitar is part of a premium collection. & Nbsp; It was taken on the case the opportunity to play and has been stored in the case.Includes Tweed Fender original case, all case candy shown, Trem Bar, picks, keys, manuals, leather strap , Cord.Fender SRV Stevie Ray Vaughan Stratocaster Artist model body.Made United States.Conversely routed tremolo (body of the right hand with the left hand tremolo) .1999 model (sn:SN8958xxx) .

scratch game play and light general wear and tear which is not bad for a 15 year old guitar.A few tiny nicks here and there.a few shallow scratches that do not go through the end (if you pla see the pictures) (mostly on the back) .A few extra holes in the pickguard that will be hidden under your pickguard. & Nbsp; Body weights (as shown in the pictures) 4 pounds, 9.6 ounces Neck pocket is a little more than 2-3 / 16 “wide.Nice upscale Fender body.What you see in the pictures is what included.Please see pictures carefully and detail the state and ask all questions you have.

This is a Stevie Ray Vaughan “# 1 Wife” relic tribute. He is a great guitarist! It has a custom neck right aged 60, rosewood on maple neck. 9.5 It is a modern C-shaped profile stays in tune wonderfully. It has a brand new set of Ernie Ball strings .10 caliber on it. The body was in the ’60s Stratocaster was upset at number 1 strat like Stevie. The body is smooth and very comfortable to play. This guitar has taken a lot of time and effort to build. If you pla t see detailed images. Great low action and a lot of life still left to fret.

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