Heavy Relic Fender Stratocaster SRV No1 guitar Stephen Ray Vaughan Guitar. Body Wood. Alder. Neck Wood. Maple. Construction. Bolt-on. Fingerboard.

This SRV One  instrument is absolutely amazing, it is altered and worn as the original SRV. If you are in an authentic relic RAW has superior tone and playability .. this is as close as you are ever going to get. Instrument is built using parts PREMIUM license. Post-CBS one piece neck with super-age contr Metrology, RW & nbsp Maple neck. Fender Deluxe Vintage Style Tuners & nbsp; All dimensions standard Strat neck with a C average contour. Very comfortable. Nicholas Lee injury simple hand coils that have a high capacity of vintage production. A great guitar for the ultimate collector and player himself.

For sale: Limited Edition – fender stratocaster srv youtube tribute to world-renowned luthier Nicholas Lee Custom Shop. SOLID maple body !! Hand Made in the USA – 100 Series 12 Custom Ordered flamed maple body — & gt; The tone is out of this world. Flame is seen in the back (on a 1-2A Flame) .It is a professionally built – custom shop instrument. price tag of the store will be included – – Fender Deluxe case included free if bid exceeds $ 1k.Hand certificate of authenticity included ! 10/10 condition  SUPER CERAMIC Handwound Singlecoils.Vintage style Fender Deluxe Tuners.

Now includes a COA PSN / DNA. Here is part of an old guy strat. It is a strat with 72 cases. It is signed by Stevie Ray Vaughn, Jimmy Vaughn, Kenny Wayne Shepard, Junior Brown, Rev Horton Heat, Jimbo of RHH, Charlie BatyThis guitar has been professionally modified to SRV gameplay (bridge on a right-handed guitar left-handed). It’s just cool as hell 02 series 10 It still has a price tag of $ 3,000 stores in the case – Hand Signed Certificate of Authenticity included. 10/10 condition! EXOTIC Indian rosewood handle. Fender Deluxe vintage style tuners. 

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