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srv guitar original

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Be a model of signature, SRV Guitar Original Strat tribute to the legendary guitarist in the details. Gold-plated vintage hardware on the tuners, bridge, input jack and strap buttons look reminiscent of Stevie Ray played guitar on stage. The tremolo even a shift to the left, just like on the original. To top it all, the original SRV are enrolled in the black pick guard.The single coil twang intact, but play this guitar through an amp hot lights and you’ll reach blues-rock heaven. The neck pickup delivers fat, rounded tone, while the grunts and bridge pickup has plenty of bite.

Place the pickup selector between the middle and neck pickups give you that lush, slightly out-of-phase sound that is perfect for rhythms.Few own guitars embody the spirit and sound of the blues as a Fender Stratocaster – and some musicians have influenced the sound of Texas blues like Stevie Ray Vaughan. Unique “oval” neck and pao ferro neck of this guitar will make you feel every note you pull smoldering Fender Texas Special single-coil pickups. Supplemented by a “SRV” pickguard -engraved, gold plated hardware, and a tremolo in the left hand as Stevie Ray, this is the ideal ax to channel your bluesiest riffs.

The srv guitar style Signature model respectfully replicates Stevie favorite guitar. Pure Texas Blues – Stevie style! Unique features include a specially shaped “oval” neck, Pao Ferro key 3 Fender Texas Special single coil pickups, gold-plated vintage hardware with left-handed tremolo, and special engraved pickguard.I have a 96 (SN6938656) that I ‘ really appreciate it. I’m the guitar from a guy who has not played and won this in an open music store. He still had the sticker paper on the hole of the whammy bar. Tweed case and all.The only way is that I will participate with trade if someone is a beautiful Les Paul. But it should be good. Love it! 

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