Original SRV Number One

srv fender stratocaster. srv strat replica. During Vaughan’s last two years before his death, he referred to Lapidus as his fiancee.

As a cynic I anyalysed photos number1 and cross examined about it. and I can tell you freinds …. This is the real deal …… daaaang hot! I think the hardware has been changed so many times or maby he had more than one of these types of guitars, some time I see the gold hardware photos and videos, but sometimes I see the material of Gold tuners with Kluson style guitars but tunners diferent performed at each other and I saw the Fender SRV signature is diferent from all these guitars he had, and he never used special EXAS he used some improvement of 50 single-coil pickups. Sorry my English is really bad.

Maybe just me, but I think nr1 be buried with Stevie … I mean, Jimmy said he kept in a case of jumping every time he sees her, he began his just one. . all .. I wish one day I could visit his grave and pay my respects … grettings of Argentina.I do not know if the fender srv stratocaster knobs is the real deal or not. Where is the autograph on the back It seems a lot like the remakes for me. Choose guard too bright to it, as you would a new one. In addition, the wood just above the pick guard where the finish is completely faded and dull is not dirty, clean air.

I want a good picture of the real Original SRV Number One to jump and have made, it would be cool, even LifeSize! Anyone know where to find a good photo of a number I want to scream a few times myself, so many morons concerts that have no interest in music, in order to get high and they’ve said but do not remember half the time changed it.stevie in 87 or 88 .. and when the neck is broken down, they had to switch to another .. and neck that you see here is the original.man when you see the side profile of the neck, you can tell how many times it must have been refretted … theyres shaving almost triggering inlays points c tee normally on a new neck theres some meat before inlays. 

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