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Is it because browsers don’t give a damn about SRV records? As for solutions … That one, I’m pretty sure. I’ve never come … HTTP is always on port 80 by default, unless there’s a port number in the URI. This is a shame.

He’s probably the least of someone’s ego that I’ve ever played. It was just a box, some person who he was as a player. He wanted to give the music and wanted people that.Lenora remembers a particularly special story “Lenny” from the mid-1980s, when Stevie was in Dallas recording soul to soul. Vaughan was invited to perform the national anthem at the opening of the season for the Houston Astros against the Los Angeles Dodgers in the Houston Astrodome, Wednesday, April 10, 1985. The Vaughans were transported in a hurry Houston, where Stevie confessed to his wife that n ‘t know how to play the Star Spangled Banner.

Watching her husband play the national anthem, it is packed in the cavernous Astrodome, Lenora turned to the guy c side of her and said: You know, he did not know how it allait- I had to hum to him on the way here.The man replied: Yes, it is hard song.When Lenora asked the man if he knew that her husband, he nodded and said : No, this is the first time I heard it. . My name Mickey Mantle “coat was set to start the first step, and it was pure chance that Lenora found herself c ty of one of the greatest baseball players in history when Stevie joined his minutes. Later, she introduced the two men.

I do not know how to play this song with the SRV Guitar Pedals , Vaughan told Mantle, to which the great Yankees responded reassuring that one can play song.Lenora then shyly asked for an autograph of garment, Mantle asked where his bat Baseball .am I was supposed to be a bat she stammered. Mantle explained that most autograph seekers bring a bat. Lenora said that I looked around a piece of paper or something, and Stevie said, Well, I have this bat here Lenny his name. And he took it and said : Why do not log this Mickey and said: It would be my pleasure, adding even more magic to the instrument pawnbroker left. 

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