SRV Guitar Pick Sale

srv guitar pick

A 1992 Fender SRV Stratocaster. The Question: Is this a Pau Ferro or Brazilian Rosewood neck? Overall, the fretboard is darker than many Pau Ferro necks.

I agree. I think I could get over it, though. I doubt changing the pick guard for a plain black. I’m not s R Can I get a price comparable to that strat. I generally do not use the trem, so it’s not a big deal. I agree that SRV Guitar Pick is a specific guitar, but wonder how it will play compared to the EJ. Have you ever compared the two I’ve never played the EJ, but I play the SRV in a store, and it is one of those guitars that are really hard to put down once you take up.That thing is a monster tone and it plays like a dream. The gold hardware has never bothered me and I do not use vibrato is … I think you have a good deal on it, congratulations!

I just bought a new srv and the likes .. If you love the neck and the action then buy it …. This guitar screams …. I changed course pickguard and had a configuration pro. The Luthier had nothing but good things to say about it .. He worked for Fender for 20 years and was there when it was really nice released.They guitars.The made since 1998 are even better since that is the year where Fender started to pay more attention to implementation specific vintage (smooth contour of the body) .The SRV model is obvioulsy an excellent choice for blues guitar (and sure r other styles too) with its Texas Promotions and radius 12 / jumbo frets combination to allow easy bending.

I’m not a fan of gold harware, however, but that is a personal thing.They is great, pro instruments.From quality of the perspective of a collector, I understand … nostalgia for have something as close to what they played as possible. However, personally, I’d never buy a signature model to actually play regularly or mainly gig with it. To each their own, but I prefer to build features and customizations to my taste than buying a copy of mass production of the model and idol to associate myself with a particular personality. I might consider a GIS model that had the features I wanted so she did not have a mark on it with the name of someone else. 

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