SRV Guitar Pickup Height New

srv guitar pickup height

Get the guaranteed lowest price on the Fender 57/SRV Strat 8 Hole 1 Ply Pickguard at Music & Arts. Nobody has more new and used music instruments.

I spend all my summer working for money for a new SRV Guitar Pickup Height guitar. When I arrived at the guitarcenter In august, I played all the strat I’ve seen, even those that were out of my price range. When I tell you that I’m 100% honest, as soon as I put my fingers on the guitar has changed my future. The guitars sound made me feel like it was the first time I heard music. I play this guitar about 4 hours every day and let me tell you it does not look and sound better every day. The only problem with this guitar.If you are looking for your Stevie Ray style, this is the guitar for you. I bought this guitar a few months ago and I play every day. Everything on this guitar is amazing.

It is Really worth the price. Amazing Guitar 5 / 5.I’ve trying to strats for some time now, but when I chose the Stevie Ray Vaughan Stratocaster until I knew I found the one I wanted. The shape of the neck is great, the style is great, and when I got thicker strings on them roar single microphone number one down pat. Sounds great out of my LoneStar Special, but plug into a 65 ‘Super Reverb Reissue Keeley modded TS9 and, and you have the tone of Stevie there in your hands. I recommend this to all Strat! I have the opportunity to get a SRV strat slightly used for about $ 900 or more.

I searched the forum and found a lot of information on the Jimmie Vaughan but not much on the SRV.Anyone have one The opinions / comments would be greatly appreciated. I have a strat EJ and I’m looking for another complete it.Well the SRV Strat is a great guitar and how to get srv guitar tone? I think he has a V-neck and Texas Specials (which are warmer). I feel like its kind of a specific guitar tho. The biggest problem for me is the gold hardware and tremolo left. I do not know if his problem to change standard style of the right hand, but that might not be desirable for some people. @ $ 900 it is an amazing deal for a guitar (if you like). 

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