SRV Guitar Player 2014

srv guitar player

Fender Stevie Ray Vaughan Strat Electric Guitar – signature model Stratocaster, 3x Texas Special single coil pickups, vintage tremolo, pau ferro fretboard maple.

I agree with that – although I would not turn down if it was given to me, the SRV sig always bothered me in terms of p’guard and giant signature on the head. I much prefer other signature models that are a little more subtle in terms of investment “signature” such as Jimmie Vaughan and John Mayer with on the back of the doll, or EJ where he is on the neck plate .Exactly player and so-much feel this way on. Hey, these guys are all great players. But I want a little do my own thing Maybe for someone just starting and whatnot there’s a different feeling to it. But do your own thing in your own style is essential for you as an artist Do not you think.

BTW John Mayer used an SRV as his # 1 Strat when he first came out and before his signature Fender came out. He used a SRV with a Tortise Shell PG.As some have mentioned, it depends on what you like. Some do not like the pickguard / SRV. I no problem with what I bought mine for playability and tone monster it provides. I tried one at Guitar Center and realized I had not put it down for 2 hours. I really appreciate the Pao Ferro neck as it feels really different from my maple & amp; rosewoods.For $ 900.00 dollars, you can not go wrong … definitely worth it in my opinion. He is a great Strat SRV Guitar Player and I am s R you want to enjoy.

I will say that I am quite a few friends that I play with every week and all my strategy games, they always seem to take that SRV or my “82 Strat” and never put it down. Great Strat, you ‘will love the fa he plays and the great tones you get with it! I read that the real key to SRV Strat was not Indian Rosewood Rosewood.Wonder but why Fender did not use Indian, instead of Pau Ferro, for the I agree 110% Goodkat. The first thing everyone should do buy a set of SRV sig is to replace the pickguard with a black light … or parchment or mint, whatever you prefer. I LOVE Stevie. 

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