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srv guitar price

Fender Stevie Ray Vaughan Stratocaster (3-Colour Sunburst) … gold-plated hardware, inverted left-hand vintage tremolo unit and distinctive “SRV” pickguard.

Not crazy about the GIS models and I think there is the best Strat SRV Guitar Price for $ 900. The thing about the SRV I do not like is it is not really close to what SRV actually played more like a modern Strat with a vintage one. If you have $ 900 and you are fond of a chance AVRI Strat or a thin skin you re Ilo much closer to that SRV played. There are also guys out there that SRV clones for building this kind of $$ you can buy a replica of the SRV # 1 from a seller who built using spare parts that would be a more realistic representation the real deal.

The SRV models srv guitar tuning with large “SRV” on the PG are much too high for me.obviously just my opinion and no disrespect meant.At least pickguard can be replaced easily. If I bought the SRV Strat the first thing I would do is to replace the pickguard. SRV is my favorite guitarist … by far! But … I could not play guitar with the pickguard. I mean, it’s a little disrespectful … even I’m not SRV.I think SRV was cool enough to pull carrying a guitar with a great SRV on it. Like Zakk Wylde is probably the only guy who could wear an eye beef / confederate flag guitar and do not look like a complete.

I have two SRV because they were released by Fender. First was stolen ata concert so I bought another. Here’s what I think.They are very well built Strat and “if” you really take your time and look around them. You can also find thats very “light” in weight, and very well figured Alder. I have a tone of pictures that I’ll post later. But my point is this. My only: BEEF “with the SRV Strat that I do not like the unit upside down or left Trem and I’ll tell you why I use a bunch of different technicians game I assume you are the guys .

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