SRV Pride Joy Guitar Tab 2014

Your SRV Stratocaster is from the Signature Series of course and it was made at the Corona … “SRV Number One Limited Edition” being made in 2004 only.

Stevie Ray Vaughan “Number 1” Fender Stratocaster Limited Edition GMP Miniature In recognition of his musical talent and inspiring indelible legacy … GMP and Fender are proud to present the limited edition release only officially licensed the most recognizable and beloved guitar Stevie Ray Vaughan Number One . The 1: 3 scale replica SRV Stratocaster honors historical impact of its innovation and sustainable music by capturing the essence of his main ax with exceptional detail. Besides stickers, br Lures and various battle scars, each replica features a REAL WOOD neck to match the real guitar and the SRV Pride Joy Guitar Tab¬†outline exactly.

Other details Fender finely tuned include: precision contoured molded sunburst BODY FUNCTIONAL pickup selector switch with stops, Volume FUNCTIONAL & amp; Tone controls with realistic resistance and steel strings measures precision and mobile vibrato which all add to the final touch. To complete this piece really impressive collector, each miniature comes with a stand STAND Up Display, custom miniature WALL, and the box of full color COLLECTOR.

I love SRV but he did not have anything even approaching the magnitude of the skills and abilities of Danny Gatton- and Stevie would be the first to say so. Stevie is an iconoclast, and what he did, he did better than anyone in the world. That being said, Gatton was a much better guitarist, like Roy Buchanan and a number of other players- for Jeff Beck. Love me some Stevie, but not because he was the best, but because it was stevie only.I saw in Philadelphia and all of you who think you know what you’re talking about, it is the player Greatist guitar ever walk the face of this earth.¬†

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