SRV Guitar Radius New

srv guitar radius

Chose the right Fender Stratocaster pickguard and pickguard screws from our wide selection. … Fender 57/SRV Strat 8 Hole 1 Ply Pickguard Black Pearl.

The amp used in this demo is my Samamp VAC 23, a 1×15 combo amp with a fa Unique (and brilliant) to lower the power level. For this demonstration, I was all about setting the amp 11 watts. I wanted something a little cleaner at the bottom I could not use settings 3 or 5 watts at these levels tone. I could not get enough volume without the low end is mushy.I like it because I can run my amp clean and use Ecstasy Overdrive to give me a dirty rhythm tone when needed. He could not make a cup of lead pedal as well, but it is not really designed for that.

It adds distortion butter smooth on the edges of your own tone and made transparent so that you might forget you even have it on. Number YS174 Fender Custom Shop Tribute Lenny Stratocaster.Serial. SOLD. It was an extremely limited edition guitar made by Fender Custom Shop and Guitar Center. ¬†Only 185 of them have been ! This is a limited edition (only 185 made) Fender Stevie Ray Vaughan “Lenny Tribute” Stratocaster.This guitar is new and has never been played. & Nbsp; This is exactly how is was when it left the Fender Custom Shop.

Includes all original documents, certificate of authenticity, DVDs, books, strap, and all cases of candy factory.This guitar is an exact replica of the famous Lenny Stevie Ray Vaughan Strat.Please see below for specifications and information on the original Stevie Ray Vaughan Stratocaster Lenny.The is modeled on “SRV No. 1.” The three-color sunburst guitar has a maple neck with rosewood or pau ferro, three single coil pickups “Texas Special” placement tremolo left, signing Vaughan on his neck and his initials printed on the pickguard.¬†

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