SRV Guitar Rig Preset Sale

srv guitar rig preset

Would anyone happen to know if there would be any mods involved with putting a SRV neck on an American Vintage 62′ Fender Stratocaster.

Let’s talk about amps. Make sure it is not pushed too hard in distortion, but at his sweet spot with just small power amp break (think Little Wing introduction). Stevie originally used in its JBLd130f and JBLe130f Vibroverbs and then go to EVM 15L with huge margin and massive clean background. Stevie did not want pregnant c Not rupture and there are many appropriate today 10 alternatives “, 12” and 15 “size that will do the SRV thang for you. Make sure it has a sharp attack and closes with a lot of low end. EVM12L Eminence Swamp Thang, Jensen NEO series of WGS G12C / Jensen C12N are pregnant and who can provide it all.

Not to mention the Weber 10a150, a fantastic and cool 10 “Alnico speaker for the tone of some creanked SRV tones.SRV is relatively widened (low mids) and you need to equalize and match amps, speaker speakers, pedals and guitar together. A guitar sounds bright (thin neck, material fretwood hard, bright microphones) must be associated with an amp that has enough mids and lows. 12 “and 15” midrange speakers have generally strong. The light switch is very effective to stimulate or reduce the upper and presence must be on if you use a tube screamer. A  SRV Guitar Rig Preset guitar sounds sweet and dark (thick neck, rosewood fingerboard) is a bright amp and right pedals.

Yes, you need larger + 40W amps to achieve the same noise level as Stevie on stage, but for concerts and recordings (miced) you do not have any volume. A question is valid if the public can tell you if you have a small or big amp when they hear the guitar and amp with a PA The answer is no. You can nail the SRV tone pretty close with small Fender amps too. You deserve to try to play Mary had a little lamb with a slightly bent Princeton Reverb with a Jensen C12N speaker. It has a killer srv guitar videos tone. Just make sure the amps are made correctly with powerful speakers that do not interfere and have a lot of punch, both ups and downs. 

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