SRV Rude Mood Guitar Tab Sale

srv rude mood guitar tab

The Stevie Ray Vaughan Stratocaster is the signature model electric guitar of American guitarist Stevie Ray … “The Fender S.R.V. Signature Series Stratocaster”.

I honestly believe that I would be able to play baseball with the neck of this thing. A very solid guitar and all that, IMO, will be able to withstand gigging in any form or fashion. This is my new number one and I totally felt comfortable doing something with this guitar. Fender manufactures quality and again I think it would withstand a thing Texas Flood. “I heard a few complaints from people with small hands that the neck is too big. I have decently large hands size and I find no problem with the neck. The finish of this guitar (3-Tone Sunburst) is absolutely beautiful When. is combined with gold hardware that Fender put on this guitar it is beautiful to cut the breath.

The pickguard with the letters “SRV” enscribed is also a very nice touch.As I said that I took in blues and rock and this SRV Rude Mood Guitar Tab guitar really suits my style. I also have an Epiphone Les Paul standard, Ibanez AEF30 electro-acoustic Epiphone EDS-1275 double neck (very fun). Except that if this guitar was stolen (because I would not lose it) I would immediately buy another. Also, ifou guys can not pay $ 1330 all at once go to American Music Supply and you can make 5 easy payments (what I am). They make it very easy and there you will have to ask a stupid card. I hope this review has intrigued you or maybe made you want a custom SRV you.

The SRV has a fantastic bright tone, partly because of the Texas Special pickups overwound. It is pure Stratocaster, which makes it fit for just about any form of music. Do not expect instant SRV tone that takes the player’s skill. Microphones (typical single coil Strat) are a little weak for the metal and are extremely promising for players grunge there. So if you fit into one of these categories, you’ll probably be adding a group to the set later on.My SRV is among one of the most well-built axes I’ve ever picked up. This does not mean an expensive endeavor merchadising not you buy a guitar of superior quality. The action is actually much faster than most standard strategy games I played. 

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