SRV Guitar Sale 2014

srv guitar sale

Fender Custom Shop SRV ‘Lenny’ Stratocaster – ONLY 1 IN AUS!, Musos Corner is Australia’s Number 1 Online Music Store – The best prices for guitars, amps.

Lenny could easily become just another poorly delivered in ’65 Strat if the young Austinite who covets it was little brother Jimmie Vaughan. Already well known in the Austin community, Stevie was little known elsewhere at the time, a group of musicians who had made the pilgrimage for years before Dallas scene, including his brother Jimmie, Doyle Bramhall and Denny Freeman. His band, Double Trouble swayed the local scene is Texas, but their attention grabbing performance Montreux Jazz Festival was still two years. Stevie first meeting of the SRV Guitar Sale would become Lenny in 1980, when something made by Fender after 1964 was seen as a useful instrument.

Since the Strat had long been stripped of its original sunburst finish and delivered natural surroundings, trees and a Custom ivoroid and tortoiseshell inlay behind the bridge, the price was reasonable $ 350. But because Stevie had yet to break beyond the Austin scene, he did not have the scratch to take home a mess that day.Lenora rounded Stevie friends who pooled their money together, each chipping in $ 50 to buy the guitar, Stevie offer as a birthday gift. Stevie was so moved that he remained until the night penning “Lenny” and Lenora to play for the first time when she awoke the next morning.

The gently sweet song, offering the perfect showcase for musical passion Stevie, had the desired effect. “I’ve never listened to this song once without crying,” Lenora recounts.Over the course of a day, Mike and his team took detailed notes and measurements of the guitar ensemble, down to investments specific screws. This procedure originated with white Stratocaster Jimi Hendrix, famously used in Woodstock, and was perfected by the legendary explorations similar instruments, such as Esquire Jeff Beck and Rory Gallagher Stratocaster.  

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