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srv guitar sound

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And while Stevie Number One, a ’63 Strat Sunburst first bought in 1973, remain the weapon of choice on stage, Stevie would use the money to pay the lender on recent evidence on two of the songs louder; epynonymous the “Lenny” and “Riviera Paradise”, a brilliant instrumental featured on his release in 1989, the stage. According to an interview with Guitar Player in Februrary 1990, expressed his love Stevie battered Strat, saying: For some reason, this guitar works for songs like more than anything else “.The SRV Guitar Sound is great.

Lenny Stevie intimate connection can not be overstated. After the release of Texas Flood in 1983 – an album that revitalizes a genre already sleep, spend half the year on the cards – Stevie place on the instrument, despite the fact that he could not clearly allow better. As evidence of the role of the guitar in Stevie’s life, he offered to sports legend Mickey Mantle for an autograph in April 1985, as it was the closest thing available. “There is usually a guy points, and we bring in video cameras and hi res digital photography,” said Eldred.

It seemed to me there was a chance to finally get the story straight.In an effort to share this guitar and its accompanying atmosphere with two guitarists and fans of Stevie Ray Vaughan, Guitar Center has partnered with the Fender Custom Shop to produce the newest addition to their Tribute series. The guitar will be produced in limited quantity, with 185 guitars offered for sale in the United States (with an as yet undetermined amount of guitars produced for distribution abroad, with a ceiling of 250 total production) and will be available exclusively at Guitar Center. 

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