SRV Fender Promotion Guitar

The response to this article was astounding – although SRV’s been gone 17 … Number One was a used Fender Stratocaster – found in 1973.

Are you kidding It is not mathematics. It is absurd to quantify exactly.The point is that it is not 100% in the hands, or even close, or everyone would play the same SRV Fender Promotion Guitar and amp, guitars would never be a pick-up, they would not serve the old, it would be no pedals, etc., and everyone would get the full range of guitar sounds with just their hands. But we do have tons of different guitars, amps, pedals, etc., and they all have a deep impact tone. John Petrucci play through an amp SRV is still going to look like Petrucci musically.  Select meaning of the note, feel, etc

But his tone is far from being the same as a high gain MesaBoogie seems radically different than just the physics of a Fender Vibroverb.It. Different wood, strings, pickups, tubes, chain ties signals, etc. produce different article tones.The claims to be myth farts while claiming Stevie was a mythological creature that could be transcend physical and produce a tone machine. Stevie, a guy was very particular about the material, I find that laughable do.This Mythbusters also perpetuate another myth. Stevie often refer to her as a 1959 Strat, but that was based on incorrect information that gave him a guitar tech.

It was once commonly believed that this guitar is a Strat neck in 1959 with a 1962, but after a thorough examination by the Fender Custom Shop, it was determined that it was actually a 1963. The neck Stratocaster was to ment completed and validated at the end of 1962. When the body was completed in early 1963, was tied neck and guitar left the factory in a single unit. While the pickguard was replaced, it was determined that the microphones were most likely original to 1963 guitar.I’ve published this story on other boards before, but it might be worth repeating. I do not know if it is true or not, but the message, in my humble opinion, is true. 

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