SRV Number One Neck

Number One was SRV’s main guitar. The beat-up vintage Fender Stratocaster is often called “the most famous battered Strat in rock history”.

Jep I mean exact copy value of $ 25,000. These guys ahead of me where about a severely tinted neck is why I wondered … Ayway, which would indeed stupid sell 25,000 Guitar is barely playable … but I know these things are generally not purchased by the guitar players, but pleased t by wealthy collectors idiots let him rot in a shrine.Thor they sold “Lenny” in an auction. if I remember correctly, Eric Clapton bought. but also its disassemble, no way leave only Jimmy guitar disassembles, and without being him there and since Jimmy This step room I not believe Number 1 woman.

As I said, this video is a sham, playing off peoples emotions. but everyone can go ahead and believe what they want, free country.SRV Number One Neck is still owned by the family and is stored in a safety valve. For those curious how SRV wore as guitar. He had a low height range deep enough. He played from 1978 to 1983 most of the time 0.12 – 0.13 on E is large and sometimes up to 0.18 on the E. Charley Wirz persuaded to go to 0.11 instead of saving his fingers. Therefore 1984 & gt; he started using chain thin ties. You can confirm that by pictures vids. If you ask for something to contact me by PM.

Here’s Mike Eldred at 4:55 in the video. I not not pense that Mike Eldred allait sortir on a faux documentaire of a très élite guitare. It is too busy to low that.The each I do is completely out of the inning when they just filming above. Is it really Steveies guitar He is going to have sex w / the bed in a hotel such This wood resembles the skin of potato waste land lol. Is it so red neck or what I’m really confused is it a real video of a number or reproduction That’s crazy they rewound the strings concert in East Troy, what tribute. anyways thanks to clear some of this up. Regarding this video 

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