SRV Number One Stickers

Stevie Ray Vaughan / SRV Stratocaster Electric Guitar. … Fender USA American Deluxe FSR Mahogany Strat Stratocaster With OHSC.

He set up his guitars with a tremolo in the left hand. A small nod to Hendrix Or he found easier to use maybe.I’m do not know if it is the custom shop prototype or the real thing. I do not think Stevie was the pearl tuners when he was killed. These tuners type were seen on it in the eighties. I heard that Stevie’s guitars are kept in a safe by Jimmie. I saw a couple of reproductions, and one in particular that was almost scratch. I forgot who was the guy who did well. There was only a few.Even they were like 15k. But who knows, the SRV Number One Stickers could be the real #one.

Wtf  is the strum bar on the top, or they reverse the video Can someone tell me what are the effects and settings that I have to get a similar sound on my strat.yeah his brother said he was locked in a bank vault somewhere in Austin Texas. And it has been seen a few times since it looks like Jimmie Vaughan his brother, but the other guy could be Leo Fender idk.he need a new one when he broke once and when his guitar tech took a Fender shop all they had was a left-handed and it is found that he really liked, and he also thought he was a great nod to Hendrix it.

I think a fake ……… and why would Fender Jimmie or make a video as A documentation “Number One” playing “Lenny” He never used this fender srv stratocaster left guitar for this song. He used a red wine Strat he called “Lenny”. Case closed! You are an idiot. It was when the Fender Custom Shop dismantled in detail so they can publish the Stevies recognize replicas.thats not number one, thats a Fender custom shop srv.Something on the video is fascinating and evil all at the same time. It’s amazing # 1 closely, but it is almost sacrilegious to see this thicket, driven and measured as an autopsy. 

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