Srv scotch

Been saving up parts for this one! One of SRV’s best sounding strats in my opinion, i loved watching him on austin city limits with my dad when i was a little boy, i always liked the butterscotch colored guitar and loved his tone on “leave my little girl alone” i started with a fender vintage tremolo, hand cut bone nut, copper PG shield, cloth covered wire, Chris Klein S-5 Pickups, CTS Pots, Switchcraft Jack, oak-grigsby switch, orange drop caps.


The tone is amazing! I give Chris Klein 5 stars on the S-5’s. The body is solid alder and shielded, it is painted butterscotch blonde, and a neck i had laying around from a 1990s standard Strat.

Here are the pictures of my guitar along with a few of Stevie with Scotch incase you arent familiar with it. I made a replica of this guitar for another reason also… you NEVER see a scotch replica.. I think its a very underrated weapon in SRV’s arsenal.. Enjoy all

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