SRV Guitar Switch Sale

srv guitar switch

While I have been aware of the SRV Strat’s existence for some time, I never really considered buying one until I picked one up an played it.

The girl in question is Lenora, or “Lenny” Vaughan, wife of Stevie Ray Vaughan at the time, and the namesake of the legendary Strat, who was with Stevie when he found the srv guitar used  ’65 Strat with a pawnbroker Austin. This battered, bruised guitar with one of the most twisted backstories history with six strings – often confused with ’64 wrongly listed on Wikipedia as a birthday gift in 1976 and rumored to be spotted with a neck left hand at one time or another – is back to set the story straight and appease the fans of SRV in the world. December 12, Guitar Center welcomes the newest addition to its series of tribute guitars, SRV Lenny.

To participate, simply suivreultclassicrock etguy_speed on Twitter and re-tweet the announcement of the gift of 23:59 EST Tuesday, March 12, 2013. A winner will be chosen project had its genesis random.This there are more than three years . On June 24, 2004, Guitar Center purchased Lenny the auction Crossroads Guitar. at the time, all tracks announced the acquisition of Blackie, iconic Strat Clapton, who took a record $ 959.500. Not only was this guitar Slowhand, but it was also the highest ever paid at auction for a guitar price and SRV Guitar Switch Sale price.

Unfortunately, the price and the source of most people blinded Blackie other GC instruments picked up that day, with all proceeds to fund Crossroads Centre in Antigua Eric Clapton. Other guitars up for auction that day of such luminaries as George Harrison, Pete Townsend and JJ Cale was Stevie Lenny, which was also purchased by Guitar Center for the respectable sum of US $ 623,500.Sometime after purchase Mike Eldred, Sales and Marketing Director of the Fender Custom Division, led a team of qualified thanks to the meticulous reverse engineering of this iconic ax manufacturers. 

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