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Used SRV Guitar Sale

used srv guitar

The late, great Stevie Ray Vaughan is an undisputed blues legend and since his tragic death in 1990 Fender has honoured his legacy.

I guess we know who (or what) causes no market. I guess my handmade, unique, Frankenwhat Strat-o-thing worth $ 5,000.00 because it weighs less than 7 pounds. and because I say it is. Sorry for the negative attitude of people, but I think it takes a lot of balls to ask that kind of dough for a guitar as a. It will not even make it to be mint so no “freaks” to a fault when they are. Damn right, I freaked out if I paid $ 2,500.00 for a SRV Strat and found a problem. Oh, wait, I would never pay that kind of money for that guitar (at least not yet 20 years old).

What is this world I think there’s an ass for every seat. Let me begin.Only hammering on the first 500 were made as a. They stopped production after 500 were made and had so many requests for more JV gave permission for all had to do the ferro Parro fretboard.Its a rare and thats just the price one must pay much more for it. He could have said $ 3000 and it does not matter unless someone buys it.I know you can ask what you want something that is just a ton of loot for it. And even if $ 1700.00 is the high end for $ 800.00 as it remains below its sale price.

I can almost buy a Relic Strat and SRV 60 for $ 2,500.00. I think and think SRV used to 900.00 $ 1,200.00. I do not pretend to be a dealer, but it seems that some dealers pretend to be his old dealers.Well also 13 years old and I have only seen 5 of the 500 not for sale anywhere so who knows I also like Used SRV Guitar Strat much, I’ve played a bit and we really liked the neck. I have nothing against the guitars themselves, but I was impressed when I saw that. $ 2500.00 They may be rare, as Mark said, someone has to pay really. I think the scary part for me is, can someone. Where does it end I remember 5-10 years ago, they told us 70 strategy games are crap. Now they say stupid things like “light £ 6