SRV Guitar Tech

Fender SRV Stevie Ray Vaughan Stratocaster with orginal case. Brand new item. Please call or contact us with any and all questions!

The SRV Guitar Tech guitar For sale: Scotch SRV – by world renowned luthier Nicholas Lee Custom Shop – Dewey Beach, Delaware. Made in the USA using premium parts and hardware license. S-004 series of 25 (from 2014 production) instrument still has a label $ 3,000 in the case of store. Case included free auction reached $ 1k. Hand Signed Certificate of Authenticity included.m SUPER CERAMIC instrument manual winding Singlecoils.Vintage style Fender Deluxe Tuners.This is absolutely amazing, it reflects one of its kind SRV: Scotch. If you are in an authentic relic RAW has superior tone and playability .. this is as close as you are ever going to get.

The body is alder hand selected selection (super light) with the style of a piece maple neck with a comfortable 60, pre-CBS headstock 60, RW neck, vintage-style Fender Deluxe Tuners Lee .mNicholas hand injury Super ceramic single coils that have a high capacity for vintage production. A great guitar for the ultimate collector and player himself. Review of past sale Monterey Pop: I bought used in 2004 and he basically sat in the case since guitar thing is above my ability and deserves to go to someone who can really play the fa he should be played.

It is in excellent condition with little or no wear. A small tripod is photographed. Original tweed case did not come to the guitar, but in my opinion this hard case holds up better.I do not need to sell, but you want it deserves to be played. The price reflects the date on which it was made.Buyer pays shipping, paypal only.  Since no warranty.Up for sale: yellow SRV Tribute by world renowned luthier Nicholas Lee Custom Shop.Serial 02 10 – Limited Edition Hand Signed Certificate of Authenticity included. 10/10 condition! EXOTIC Indian rosewood handle. Fender Deluxe vintage style tuners. DiMarzio Area ’58’neck pickup. 

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