SRV Tin Pan Alley Guitar Pro Sale

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SRV, being a big fan of Jimi Hendrix, tried to emulate the fa On which Hendrix played his guitar by putting a tremolo system left SRV Tin Pan Alley Guitar Pro Number One. In this way we, the tremolo arm is suspended at the top of the unit, in the same way that when the left hand Jimi played right-handed guitars. SRV also replaced the original white pickguard with a black piece, then put his initials SRV signed with stickers.Number One, as with other guitars Stevie was usually strung with heavy gauge strings. Incredibly thick SRV used .013-.060 gauge strings. In comparison, the guitars are normally purchased with .009 to .042 (high-E low E) string gauges.

There is even a widespread tendency on the SRV to use super glue on his fingers to reattach torn skin flakes account. No wonder, considering the caliber of songs he used ropes! All these attributes of Number One gave Stevie his distinctive, signature tone. Over the years, abuse, wear SRV game resulted in a number of repairs to the number one strat, such as re-frets with jumbo frets and replacements neck / headstock. After the death of Stevie if the original neck was put back on the guitar.A tribute to one of the greatest blues guitarist who ever lived.

SRV guitar collection Number One is currently in the custody of brother Jimmie Vaughan. Recently, Fender Custom Shop has managed to produce replicas of SRV Number One with a limited number of copies. According to the guys at Fender Custom Shop number one has been meticulously measured and weighed. Each part has been copied every strange detail, reproduced each tooth and zero for a creation that looked as if it was the real thing.To me, fighting for the # 1 back to Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughn, and if I had to pick one, I would give it to Vaughn. Hendrix was phenomenal; he absolutely ripped on the guitar. But for me, it was more of a creative force -. A guy who looked different from the others, past and present

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