SRV Ultimate Guitar Sale

srv ultimate guitar

Fender Stevie Ray Vaughan Signature Stratocaster has an Alder Body, Maple Thick Oval Neck, Pau Ferro Fingerboard, 12in Radius, Texas Special Single.

Now the SRV devotees have the opportunity to own a complete reconstruction of Lenny guitar that appears on some of his best-loved tunes.Lenny was originally a 26th anniversary of the first woman from Lenora Stevie Ray in 1980. The 1965 Stratocaster is the instrument most changed in the collection of SRV, upgrading the most spectacular being a Charvel maple neck replacement offered by Billy Gibbons.The original SRV Ultimate Guitar now resides with Guitar Center, bought in 2004 for $ 623,500 at auction Christie with Eric Clapton Crossroads Centre in Antigua.

The fifth edition of the Custom Shop Tribute Series, Lenny Fender recreation is limited to only 240 copies worldwide, with a list price of $ 12,800.Jason Smith was the Master Builder at the Fender Custom Shop was the closest to the project and the center of this recreation love : “I think if this hideaway srv guitar tab guitar could talk, what a story it that I wonder who owned it first, and how did he end up in a pawn shop I’m a little nervous even to choose the guitar, let alone the disassemble! It was an honor to work on this instrument of a legendary player. “

Smith described the challenges of a building that recreates the original, all-br burns and cigarettes .. “One of the main obstacles was re-sanded on the perimeter of the body, it is quite difficult to over-sand something accurately Another challenge was to find a source for the overlay material, as well as recreate the SRV stickers on the pickguard. “Some parts were hard to find and many of them have was custom made, including the four strap-shaped diamond on the dorsal horn. As for the bridge saddles, we were lucky to find the provider that originally. They have proven to be the same used on the stool tribute Andy Summers, only chrome. “

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