Used Fender SRV Guitar

Vaughan’s main guitar was a battered `59 Strat which he had refitted with a `61 rosewood neck and referred to as `Number One’. The body has the initials `SRV’ ..

Although it began life as a sunburst pattern three colors, it had obviously been released not too adept at one point, and now it has a dark natural finish bearing an elaborately arty inlay behind bridge. Nevertheless, there was something that clearly and immediately resonated deeply with Vaughan. This Used Fender SRV Guitar has really grasped. Unfortunately, he co Te $ 350. Money was scarce in those days pre-fame, and neither Stevie nor Lenora had enough. His birthday was coming, however, and she found a way to get the guitar for him.

I went out and found seven people with $ 50, and they all put their money and we had a guitar, and we gave him for his birthday (Austin nightclub) Steamboat Springs on 6th St ., “Vaughan said she was delighted they took the guitar home and sometimes at night, as Lenora slept, her husband wrote a new song about it in the morning, Lenora remembers… He was sitting on the edge of the bed with the srv guitar action guitar and said : listen to a. He played him the song he had written the night, “Lenny,” and she cried. ” It was beautiful, “she said.” How can you stop something like A love I have never once in my life listening to this song without crying.

Shortly after, Vaughan has re U a new Charvel neck of the guitar as a gift from his friend and guitarist Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top F. Vaughan installed the neck (with rosewood or maple) on “Lenny”, when he also etched his name in the plate shaft guitar as a point of pride. Fame began to hit hard at the door of Vaughan. He first gained international recognition playing with David Bowie on his chart-topping 1983 Dancing return; then not playing with David Bowie. Vaughan famously refused to go on tour with Bowie for the release of the first album he recorded in Los Angeles in 1982 with his powerful trio, Double Trouble.  

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