Used Fender SRV Strat Guitar

In 2003, Rolling Stone magazine ranked Stevie Ray Vaughan. #7 in its list of …. In 2004, Fender also released a limited edition exact replica of “Number One”.

On the back of the body is a hula girl sticker and neckplate has the words Stevie Ray Vaughan, more 84 “engraved on it.Stevie played this Used Fender SRV Strat Guitar¬†on” Life Without You “(which was tribute to Stevie Charley after his death in 1984), and live on the “Live at Montreux” video.In 2003 Charley and Rene Martinez made 23 limited edition replica of this guitar, selling for $ 2500.The “Lenny “History is a love story. The love for a woman and love to a guitar.” I kind of fell for him that day , she said. “He was shaking tear, the guy was so good. It is so sweet when you meet him, then he plays, and he is so fierce. You can not help but feel what he feels. That’s what I saw when he played. ”

Stevie Ray Vaughan was not yet a star on his 26th birthday, October 3, 1980, when his wife, Lenora “Lenny” Vaughan, gave him a used Stratocaster guitar which has recently attracted attention in Austin , Texas, pawnshop. Although already a phenomenal guitarist, many still considered the “little brother Jimmie Vaughan,” which was perfectly OK with the young history of musician.The easygoing begins a few years tt when Stevie and Lenora first meeting a Halloween night in Austin is La Cucaracha, where he played (“Where do you meet a musician” Lenora is wont to say).

When she saw him again a few years later at the Rome Inn with his band, Triple Threat, it was moved by its music scene and its power to conduct discreet charm offstage.The next time they met, in a Mexican restaurant in downtown Austin, it was. We looked at each other and went “Uh-huh,” Lenora said.About a year after their marriage, Lenora remembers : The guy went to a pawnshop and saw this guitar. A guy wanted, and Stevie said:. I want more “” It was a maple neck 1965 Fender Stratocaster with a rosewood fingerboard and the original pickups that, from the look of it, had seen better days .¬†

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