Used Fender SRV Stratocaster For Sale Guitar

Custom built from specially selected Fender Parts. … and married the two in order to create the Custom USA Stevie Ray Vaughan Stratocaster.

It wasn’t the guitar but the guitarist… He “SRV” could have made music with dental floss and anything hollow in my opinion. Wouldn’t mind seeing the guitar in person sad it will never be played by the great man again.un less your name is jimi vaughan or leo fneder ofr stevie ray vaughan Stop toching it your fingers hav natral oils in them thats why us the used fender srv stratocaster for sale guitar players have to change strings it ewill destroy the guitar in its old age remember it a 1959 Fender American mad in carona california stratocaster.

i think, to a guitar, the fret board also shows how old it is, but look at its fret board.nope, back when fender made magazine-size catalogs, i read the article about the custom shop guys dissecting this guitar in a hotel room. this video shows the real one, they DID make 50 custom exact reproductions. and as for the stickers, a bit of research will find that earlier on he often put different stickers, and kept this one till he that’s what im saying, this video was taken WHEN the custom shop dissected the fender srv stratocaster outline guitar. in other words, this is the dissection of stevie’s real Number One, i’m 100% certain.

1959 Strats were made in Fullerton Ca. Fender dint start operations in Corona, till it’ not a copy, i vividly remember reading the article in the 2003 fender catalog. i just never knew there was a video of it. the guys from the custom shop dissected the real Number One. Greatness must practically leak from that strat.this is a fake. SRV’s #1 has long been rumored to be in storage, belonging to his brother Jimmy. This fact has rarely been disputed. Fender has put out a replica for some time now. Look at the ad tag at the end of this video, pretty incriminating.

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