Stevie ray vaughan scotch

There has been some debating going on about whether Stevie called this guitar Yellow Or Butter, or whether it even had a name. Some fans have called it Yellow to distinguish the Stratocaster, since it’s yellow.

Yellow is a certified 1959 Stratocaster that was given to Stevie Ray by the lead guitarist of Vanilla Fudge. Yellow was restored by Charley Wirz since it was presented in poor condition. The previous owner had hollowed out the body to accept four humbucker pickups. Wirz removed these and made a new pickguard in which he placed a single Fender pickup just below the neck. Stevie Ray bears his initials where the two pickups would normally be placed.

This hollow body gave Yellow’s tone for songs such as “Honey Bee” and “Tell Me”. Unfortunately Yellow was stolen in 1985, however it is now recovered and on display now at the Las Vegas Hard Rock Café.”

The Red Stratocaster

Red was one of the lesser known Stratocasters that Stevie Ray possessed. Red was a 1964 Stratocaster with a rosewood neck. This red color was later offered by Fender as a custom color option. Later, Rene Martinez installed a left-handed 1964 rosewood neck on Red sometime during the mid 80’s. Not much change was undergone on the Red Stratocaster, however, Stevie did add heavier gauge strings and “SRV” initials to the guitar. Stevie liked to use Red for “Love Struck Baby” and “Pride And Joy”. He also used sometimes used Red instead of Number One for “Rude Mood”. Stevie liked to play it rather clean, sometimes with an Echoplex and the Vibratone unit.

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