What Happened To SRV Number One Guitar

What Happened To SRV Number One Guitar? Do you know? If you want to kown more about it.Come here and we can tell you and we also can make the same as it to you with very low price and very short time.

I am just finding this CRAP-ola …. you are complete idiots, lol if you’ve ever seen SRV or EVH or Steve Vai, Satriani or, you soon realize the magic is in their hands and harmony control table RAP …. sound engineer !!! I’ve played Stratocaster 50s era, and a little dated Gibsons ……. and you hook em up … Plexi Tweed, blah blah blah, you always get the feeling that the feeling came from these talented fingers! continue to seek the Holy Grail, but it is not a legendary guitar! We saw Jimmy in Vermont @ Blacklantern in Charlotte, many years ago, after Stevie past [God rest his soul] and he was # 1 with him and it does not surprise me doubt that this is the original, which would the blues are now if he was still alive

I saw for the first time and last time in VT 04/07/1990 and wished I could see more. Karen & amp; Big Jay.A Gibson is really great when you’re lucky enough to find one. After playing SG and Les Paul professionally for 15 years, I switched to Fenders. I found them to be more versatile and durable. Some of my strats sustain better than my Les Paul. Technically, the bridge and tailpiece on a (insert Gibson model here) are more like a banjo bridge stratocaster is. 🙂 Ultimately, you can get guitars from both companies if you look hard enough. Kind regards! Seriously, what is the worst version of Lenny I heard anyhow.

You can buy em beat but I do not know why you want to do .. if you want a guitar like that you need to make sure it has a “nitro lacquer finish” instead of the new type of paint .. its thinner and easier to use because … get this guitar about 5 years and you’ll be set if you play strats alot.Man have to support a banjo! Another thing I can not stand all that is (problems of mass) Noizz Not to mention, your bright thin charlatan … urgh! Register yourslf all these problems and get Gibson.I spent my childhood watching SRV beat the living hell out of that Strat. As long as I live, the images of this guitar will br Strips in my mind. I give everything I have for 20 minutes with this guitar. 

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