SRV Guitar Where Is It 2014

Fender is on the verge of releasing an SRV Strat that they are … guitar – but an exact reproduction of Stevie’s infamous “number 1”.

At the lower frets, there seems to be evidence of uneven coloring.  In addition, c sides of the handle are full of lighter color.  Is seems that the handle could be dark on purpose, or maybe another process.Want learn more about the elusive pink neck SRV  and SRV Guitar Where Is It ?watch here. According to the article, the majority of legendary shop neck measurement have serial numbers of SE90xxxx range, and SRV has a serial number SE91xxxx.Bottom line:  My feeling is that it is a Pau Ferro neck.  All that really matters is that this is a great guitar with his own voice. 

I install a ’95 Fender Strat almost identical to the SRV with Dunlop 6100 cha Nes heavy and Fender Texas Special srv guitar pickup, and SRV still has a darker, thicker and tone.I resonance spent this guitar from another owner, and has over one, but I’ll leave this page as a reference. “It was really exciting, we jammed a little, they and the guys in my group when I heard them play that night, one of the things I said was.. If you come to Los Angeles, I have a place set up in a warehouse and you can save t.

It was not even a studio – just a warehouse with a bunch of t home equipment. In a sense, it was a perfect environment because there was no traffic in and out of the place, in a very rough part of town, and there was a kind of rental cop standing by elevator so that unauthorized person would come to this building. “This Thanksgiving, Vaughan, Double Trouble, Richard Mullen and loaded a van in Austin, led to Los Angeles, and began setting up for the sessions. In his 1984 interview with Guitar Player Dan Forte, Stevie recalled “The first record, we pretty much set up like we do on stage, but we had some baffles us. 

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