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srv guitar wiki

On may 25, 1992, I got a call from Sony Corp, I had won a SRV Fender Strat, It was a drawing at Tower records, Mountain View, CA.

Stevie Ray Vaughan Signature model respectfully replicates Stevie’s favorite guitar. Unique features include an “oval” special neck shape, pao ferro key, three Fender Texas SpecialTM single coil pickups, vintage tremolo left with golden hardware, and special engraved pickguard.Stevie Ray Vaughan collaborated with Fender to produce a Stratocaster signature guitar shortly before his untimely death in 1990. It features an alder body and an early 60s oval neck profile, Pau ferro touch with jumbo frets, three Fender Texas Special single-coil pickups, gold-plated hardware and vintage tremolo unit left reversed.

John Mayer has a vast collection of guitar, it is true, but his main guitar for years was the Fender Stratocaster in a variety or another. In fact, his first main guitar was an SRV Signature Stratocaster used he bought after saving enough money working at a gas station. This particular guitar has continued to see many of his shows, and was also the basis of its pickups signature “Big Dipper” (more on that in a minute) .In 2005 Fender Stratocaster Signature introduced John Mayer, who is still production date.

In addition to BLK1 produced by US production line Fender in 2010, the Fender Custom Shop has produced a limited series of 83 TBO that were made to look identical to the main stage guitar John , scratches and all, he helped build himself a few years before. They were all built by the master ma John is John Mayer Signature Strat Cruz.The may resemble most other strategy games, but they have some important differences. The neck is a “C” thicker than most form, which helps give the guitar a fuller sound and better support. The guitars also feature custom-spec John Mayer “Big Dipper” pickups – which are exclusive to his SRV Guitar Wiki. 

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